What Happens If You Hit a Jackpot on a No-Deposit Bonus?

With the ever-growing competition in the gambling industry, it’s no wonder that many online casinos lure new customers in with fantastic offerings. The fairest of all casino freebies is a no-deposit bonus that promises gambling on the house and taking real money home. That is if you choose the casino gifts wisely and unpack them with care.

Because, as you will see, hitting a jackpot while playing with casino money is almost like a dream within a dream. And cashing it out on no-deposit bonus terms is as close to a fairy tale as that dream can get. To make this analogy clearer, we first need to learn how both no-deposit offers and jackpots work.

What Is a No-Deposit Bonus?

A no-deposit bonus is a casino offer that requires no payment from the player. Typically, you can acquire the bonus by signing up or registering at the website as a newcomer. Casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses for regular players as a means of keeping their existing clients around.

No-deposit offers can come in different shapes. They can be awarded as small amounts of cash to be used on any game or as free spins for a specific slot. (These free spins should not be mistaken for in-game free rounds, which, in fact, are a totally different beast.) Sometimes these bonuses come with particular codes, or you have to contact the casino support to claim them, but in the end, what they all have in common is that they are free of charge.

But casino gifts will usually come with some peculiar strings attached.

Bonus Restrictions and Limitations

The best place to start learning about bonus restrictions in the casino’s terms and conditions (and don’t forget the bonus terms). You should always read them very carefully to avoid falling prey to the fine print. To help you in that research, we tried to enlist the most important things you should keep your eye on.

1. Bonus Availability

Even if your country is not on the restricted access list at the casino, you might not be eligible for some offers. Remember to check it out when you choose casino offerings.

Also, many offers can’t be claimed if you’re already using another bonus.

2. Game and Betting Restrictions

Free spins are usually designated to be played on a specific slot. They can also come as part of a promotion for a particular game. Cash bonuses are not that restrictive but might come with a list of excluded games.

Another limitation is the maximum betting amount per spin or round. Hence, the winning amounts are also bound by this restriction since your wins always depend on the stakes.

3. Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements usually rain heavily on your bonus parades. As a rule, both the amount of cash bonus and the winnings from free spins will need to be wagered a certain number of times before anything can be cashed out. For example, if you get a $20 bonus (or earn it while playing free spins), and the wagering requirements are x60, you will need to wager it 60 times before you can withdraw any cash. Also, not all games count the same in the wagering, and some don’t count at all.

4. (No) Deposit?

It seems logic-free and misleading, but sometimes a casino will demand you cash in a minimum deposit before you cash your wins out. In other cases, they will subtract the deposit amount from your winnings. Although these practices and so-called sticky bonuses won’t ruin your big wins, that still doesn’t make them fair.

5. The Mysterious Ways of Casino Withdrawals

Whenever a player wins and wishes to withdraw their money, casinos will start the procedure of verifying the win, that is, checking the player’s activity that led to the lucky moment. Once they finish the verification, casinos will contact the player, congratulate them, and begin the payment process. If your winnings are more significant, you can choose whether you want to withdraw them in cash or check.

Depending on your winning amount, you can expect some kind of advertisement on the casino website. Every gambling parlor likes the publicity gained by the wins in their venue, but you should be able to choose to what extent you wish to make yourself visible in the process.

The bigger problem with banking, however, is withdrawal timelines. For instance, casinos have a cash limit they pay their customers per week or per month. Sometimes, jackpot winnings are not excluded from this limitation. In other words, you might score big, but with cashout limits, it would take anywhere from your retirement to the third incarnation to get paid for major wins.

What About Jackpots?

So far, we’ve learned that there are many restrictions regarding no deposit offers that might affect the possibility of cashing out more significant amounts of money. Let us now take a look at jackpot variants. The table below will show you the differences between regular and progressive jackpots.


Jackpot amountFixed, always the same Smaller amounts compared to progressivesNot fixed. Rises with every bet (by every player that plays the machine, the game, or even across a network of casinos) High to extremely high prizes (think millions of dollars)
How is the jackpot amount calculated?Depending on the betting amount, a jackpot win is usually calculated as a certain number of coins or ‘x times your bet’A cash prize amount (and its growth) is always displayed on the screen. To be eligible for a jackpot, you often have to play the maximum bet
Playing priceCheaper to playMore expensive to play
What happens when someone wins a jackpotThe jackpot amount remains the same. It can always be won by any playerThe jackpot restarts to its initial amount

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So Can You Hit a Jackpot on a No-Deposit Bonus?

You’ve been wondering what happens if you hit a jackpot on a no-deposit bonus. But maybe you should have asked yourself if you CAN hit it at all. Because winning a jackpot on a no-deposit bonus, as we’ve shown, depends on many things.

If you are dreaming of winning a real money jackpot with a freebie on a progressive machine, you should think again (or rather wake up). Because even if you find a trusted casino that has good offers and doable wagering requirements, you will still have a couple of mission impossibles blocking your path to bliss. One of them is the fact that progressive slots are very often excluded from free play. The other is that, as you’ve seen in the table, you would have to play the maximum betting amount to win a jackpot on a progressive slot. And remember, in no-deposit bonuses, the betting amount is usually restricted.

Jackpot bonus Then again, what if we’re not talking about those huge (hundreds of thousands of dollars worth) jackpots? If we decide to stay within the borders of a couple of thousands worth of wins of regular jackpot slots, would it change anything? Not necessarily.

Because, again, the payout limits for no-deposit bonuses are usually very restrictive. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to cash out only a part of your win. Sadly, many free spins offer come with maximum withdrawals of up to a couple of hundreds of dollars.

The Silver Lining of No-Deposit Bonuses

With all things considered, we can conclude that you might hit a jackpot on a no-deposit bonus, but you most likely won’t win it (as intake the money). No-deposit casino offering has many restrictions and limitations that will bound your dream within the cage of minimum requirements and maximum withdrawals.

But on the bright side, smaller dreams are still up for your grabs. You can win real money with free play. Now that you know all the tricks and traps, you can find the offer you cannot refuse and make the most out of it.

Needless to say, you should try looking at trustworthy casinos with fair offers and higher maximum cashouts for bonus play.

Top Questions About Casino Payouts

Q: How much cash can a casino give you?

Casinos should pay the entire amount you won while playing the games offered on their websites. However, gambling venues often have certain policies concerning withdrawal limits and timelines. This means they can stretch more significant payments to their customers due to maximum monthly cashouts.

Q: Do online casinos really payout?

Legit websites pay out the same as any land-based casino would. So, yes, you can win and cash out real money when playing at online casinos. However, there are two things to keep in mind. You need to double-check the casino reputation and its license. The internet is full of rogues, who can strip you of your money and deny your payment.

Q: What happens when you win a slot jackpot?

First, the casinos will start the verifying procedure to ensure your gameplay was legit. Then, you will be contacted by the casino, and the payment process will start. Depending on the winning amount, you will be paid in cash or by check.

Q: How are progressive jackpots paid?

Progressive jackpot wins should be paid in full amount. However, some casinos have the maximum weekly or monthly withdrawal limits, and progressive slots are not excluded from these. While the limitation is not a big problem in regular jackpot winnings, progressive jackpot wins payouts can be stretched over a long period of time.

Q: Can you cash out casino free play?

Many casinos use bonus offers to lure new players in, but these freebies come with a couple of catches. First, they are usually tied to certain wagering requirements. Second, in some cases, you will be able to cash out a limited amount of money connected to free play. You should always check for the conditions in the bonus terms before you decide to sign up for the bonus.

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