Is Online Gambling More Dangerous Than Casino Gambling?

According to the British research company YouGov, most gambling users choose online gambling rather than land-based gambling establishments. According to the Global Gambling Report, in which YouGov experts interviewed respondents from different countries, online gambling is now more popular than land-based gambling establishments. Gamblers visit the best online slots website more frequently nowadays. 63% of all respondents chose online gambling over offline gambling.

Online casinos are more difficult to control. Experts say that the biggest problem in the fight against illegal business is unlicensed online casinos, constantly appearing under new domains. And here is the main problem, which leads to the conclusion that online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling. 

The Main Dangers of Online Gambling

Nowadays, almost everyone who has access to the internet has unlimited access to online casino games. This tendency has been developing for more than 25 years since the first online casino was introduced to the broad audience online. However, with the increase in the number of online casinos, the security of the players suffered.

Currently, with the significant number of unlicensed casinos, the number of addicted persons has increased because the activity of such platforms is not regulated. Moreover, these platforms receive more benefits when more players visit their sites and applications.

Often, the appealing factor of a casino is more robust than it is necessary. This attractiveness can bring more irreversible harm, which is extremely dangerous. It is essential to understand why online gambling brings more danger than in-person casinos. 

Online Casinos are Easily Accessible

This is one of the main issues. Anyone with internet access can use online casinos. It doesn’t take a genius to circumvent age control. So even minors can sometimes wander into the gambling territory.

As a rule, rich people visit the land-based casinos with enough money to spend on gambling. But with the availability of online versions, middle-class people may try their fortune and lose everything because of the absence of reasonable control. There are about 30 licensed platforms available, while the number of unlicensed ones reaches several thousand throughout the United States.

Online Gambling is More Addictive

Many people become obsessed with online gambling. They start spending too much time and money on these platforms, which leads to a whole plethora of problems. Online casinos do not need the presence of millionaires who can spend incredible amounts of money there. They rely on thousands of small-time players, who spend tiny amounts but do this regularly and bring significant revenues to the online platform holders. Thus, they contribute to the development of ludomania.

Specialists of the American Psychiatric Association identify the symptoms of gambling addiction:

  • The person feels a constant need to play, which lasts throughout the year;
  • The addict seeks to raise bets to evoke more acute feelings;
  • If the addict tries to stop, he will feel irritated and anxious;
  • The addict is constantly playing and thinking about the game;
  • The addict is feeling depressed, helpless, anxious, guilty;
  • Losing becomes an incentive to continue playing to break even;
  • The addict is constantly trying to find more money to fuel their addiction.

If a person has at least four of these signs, it indicates the development of gambling addiction.

The Number of Scam Casinos is High

People cannot trust every online platform because their number is so great. As a result, many players become victims of scammers, who only steal money and do not provide their customers with a fair chance to win.

How to play safely?

We check our casinos for quality, and for us the main priority is the safety of our players. Therefore, it is safe to say that the casinos on our list are the most honest and best! And if there is any suspicion of addiction, there is always an option to block bets or an account. You can also contact them and you can expect quality support and help.








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Summing Up

Legal casino gambling is well-regulated and acts according to the principles of responsible gambling. The situation with online casinos is worse because governments often are only starting to develop a framework that would allow effective monitoring and control of such establishments. And until they do, players have to be very careful and make sure the platforms they are using are properly licensed.

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