Full Guide on Slots Basic Strategy 2022

There are tons of misconceptions about slots or best slot sites for winning and how they work, but now, we’re going to bust them all! First of all, when people think of “slots strategy,” they often expect the wrong thing — they expect to hear about some strategies that are going to help them magically win at the slots.

But unfortunately, that’s not how things work! There are some great strategies for this game to apply, but these methods have a somewhat different objective than just winning instantly. These techniques aim to save you money and simultaneously maximize your chances of winning by choosing games with better odds!

Before we explain why no trick can manipulate a slot into paying out, we need to understand how the machines work. Slots are designed to be an embodiment of the principle of pure luck. In some ways, they are the perfect game of chance — the only fortune can bring you money with this game, and no skill can help you trigger the jackpot.

Because of that, many people believe that they are the most fun and thrilling game ever! After all, with slots, you never know what’s going to happen… And here’s why!

Understanding How Slot Machines Work

Now, as you might already know, there are two main types of slots — slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos and online slots. Regardless of their type, all slots are based on the RNG (random number generator). And this complex algorithm is the very heart and soul of this game. The RNG decides what’s going to appear on the reels, and there are no other factors that can influence the outcome of a spin!

Slots machines in classic casinos all have chips featuring RNG, while the online slots are based on a software that uses RNG. So, in any case, the completely random principle governs which symbols appear on the reels.

Now, you understand why we said that slots are the ideal embodiment of wild luck – there is no skill, no system, and nothing that can influence a slot’s “decision.”

This RNG feature communicates with billions of strings of data, so every combination on the reels is as random as it can be! And to this very day, no better algorithm translates data into a random order of numbers than RNG.

The Difference Between Classic Slot Machines and Online Slots

Now, if all modern slots are based on RNG, do they differ at all? The answer is yes! They differ mostly in RTP (return to player) rates. In general, slots in real casinos are games with the lowest RTP rates that you can find. On the other hand, an online version of the game can have impressive RTP rates.

It’s a general opinion that the games with the “worst” payout rates are slot machines in classic casinos. Brick and mortar casinos have to follow the rules and regulations, which require them to have an RTP rate of at least 75%. Now, classic casinos don’t have to bother to go much above this meager rate since they don’t have a lot of competition. So let’s explain this phenomenon now!

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos Have It Easier

If a player wants to have a real-casino gambling experience, they have just a few choices before them — they can go to one of the few casinos near their home. However, if a player wants to gamble online, they can browse thousands of trusted online casinos literally.

So geography helps the classic casinos and lowers their competition. Due to that, online casinos have to go the extra mile to draw customers in, and one of these extra miles they have to travel is the path of higher RTP rates! On the other hand, almost no factors can make brick and mortar casinos business any harder.

So “real” casinos don’t have their hands tied when it comes to their RTP rates and paytables — they can set them low and still make a stable profit.

However, online slots can have RTP rates anywhere between 93% and 99% depending on the provider. The most common RTP for online video slots is 95%, but it’s still fairly easy to find an online slot with an RTP of 96%. Some providers such as Betsoft, NetEnt, and Realtime Gaming have slots with RTP rates above 98% and even 99%. Now those are the games you want to play!

Best Strategy for Online Slots

And now, since we’ve explained the nature slots, let’s talk about strategies!

The Ultimate Rules of Basic Slots Strategy

We’ve already started to elaborate on an important fact that the basic slots strategy doesn’t have anything to do with “tricking” the machines into paying out. These strategies exist to help you enjoy games safely, without huge losses and bad experiences. However, there are two main types of strategies here, and understanding the difference between them is extremely important…

The Difference Between Betting and Playing Strategies

The two main types of strategies you can apply to any game of chance in the world are betting strategies and playing strategies. Why? Because games of chance, by definition, can only have two main aspects — gameplay and betting! After all, these are the two “parts” of a casino game.

However, players sometimes tend to mistake betting strategies for playing strategies, and this misunderstanding is potentially very dangerous! So let’s explain the difference.

Playing strategy

Let’s say you want to play a slot with a large number of paylines. Now, you might decide to bet a small amount on all paylines; some other players may decide to bet a medium amount on the majority of paylines, while the third player might decide to bet all their money on all paylines. So these are three different playing strategies.

Betting Strategy

This time, let’s assume that you’re playing the slots and decide to increase your bet each time you lose to cover your losses if you finally win. Now, this move is your betting strategy! It doesn’t have anything to do with the gameplay — you’re not influencing the game’s outcome. Everything you’re doing here is manipulating the game’s betting aspect, not the game itself!

Using the Martingale Strategy While Playing Slots

The most popular betting strategies for slots are progressive betting strategies such as Martingale. However, we’re just going to give you an overview of this strategy — we’re not going to advise you to use it at all! To be clear: this strategy is dangerous and is not supported by any maths at all. Now, let’s see what this trick is all about!

Martingale is a betting strategy that advises players to increase their bets every time they lose. The objective of this strategy is to earn back all the money you lost once you win. So let’s say you bet $1 on slots and lost. Now, Martingale says you should bet $2. Let’s say you lose again.

Now, you should bet $4, and so on. Let’s say that you’ve lost $8 so far, bet $16 on the next spin, and win. So you’ve successfully retrieved all your money and won some extra cash. There are a few variations on these progressive betting strategies, but this was the essence of all of them.

The Scary Truth About Martingale

So now you might think: great, what’s wrong with this strategy? It sounds magical! Well, this strategy has one gigantic flaw — who says a specific player is ever going to win? That final victory that saves it all is hypothetical — it may never happen! And actually, there are higher chances of that magical win not occurring, ever.

So Martingale can easily end up leading you towards some really enormous losses, given that the entire strategy itself is based on something that may never happen — it’s based on a potential occurrence, not on certainty. So our advice here is to avoid this “trick.”

However, it gets worse: because when you start using the Martingale technique in slots; things can get even worse for you. Why? Because slots are different from roulette. After all, when you’re playing slots, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to double your money!

So you can, let’s say, place $16 on slots and win, but win $5. So what happens now? Would you consider that a win?

Basically, when it comes to roulette, Martingale is a pretty bad strategy; but it’s just really terrible when it comes to slots!

Slot Tips 2021

Playing Strategies in Slots — Top Five Techniques

Slot games are not vulnerable to any playing techniques because they’re based on a mathematical algorithm. So the only way to manipulate the slot game directly would be to tamper with the game’s code itself.

So let’s define this unique type of strategy then.

We will refer to these tricks as pseudo-playing strategies since they can’t directly influence the gameplay. These techniques influence your gaming experience, not the game itself. But although they do influence the game indirectly, they’re still not betting strategies per se.

Unfortunately, there are no “real” playing strategies for slots, as there are for poker. Your moves in the game of poker directly provoke a certain outcome. However, in slots, these strategies are all about risk control and risk reduction.

Let’s discuss the top five slot playing techniques!

Find a game from a reputable provider.

Not all game providers are equal — some launch generous games, while some launch games that are not worth playing. So the first step is to find a game from a good provider. Aim for games with high RTP rates, a lot of free spins, generous bonuses, etc.

Play at a casino with a good reputation

Picking a good casino is half of the job! Try to find a reputable casino with good reviews from players and gaming experts: research casino paytables, history, license, and online ratings. Choosing the right casino lowers your risk rates significantly.








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Play slots with progressive jackpots, and preferably ones that can be triggered at any time

Find games with progressive jackpots. Many providers publish slots that feature progressive jackpots, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find them. Now, the best progressive jackpots are those that can be triggered at any given moment, such as RTG’s Coyote Cash. The progressive jackpot in this game hits 100% at random! These big jackpots are life-changing, so it can’t hurt to give them a chance.

Bet on multiple paylines

Bet small amounts, but bet on many paylines! This rule goes especially for slot games that feature many different prizes or various paylines and even have over 50 of them! So bet the smallest amount of coins on each payline, rather than the maximum amount on a single payline. This strategy statistically increases your chances of winning something.

Watch your bankroll

Controlling how much you spend on slots is the most important damage-control strategy

there is! So never go over your predetermined gambling fund. And if you lose your gambling fund, never be tempted to try to earn it back. Instead, wait for another opportunity when you can set aside a new gambling fund. The chances of failing when trying to earn your money back are extremely high — it’s just not worth the risk.

Final Words

Now, as we’ve seen so far, slots are based on random numbers, and you can’t manipulate them. All good slot strategies are just about reducing risk and damage. Also, don’t be hoping for any big wins from playing this game. Instead, try to be happy about any amount of money you win, no matter how small! Because after all, the point is to maintain your initial gambling fund.

Any amount you win over your starting fund should not be understood as a winning streak since there is really no such thing.

Every spin in this game is an independent event — it doesn’t have anything to do with the previous one, nor indeed with the following one. Technically, you can win ten times in a row and lose ten times in a row. So that’s why the best strategy you can use is some risk controlling strategy. So now, before we finally part ways, let’s bust some more myths for you!

Strategies for playing online slot games

Slot Players Usually Wonder…

What is the best strategy for playing slot machines?

The best general strategy you can use when you play slots is to watch your bankroll.

Your second priority is to pick a reputable casino and a generous game. Any other tricks you can use are not as important. Because as we’ve already said above, basic slot strategies are all about risk reduction.

How do you win the slot machines every time?

It’s impossible to manipulate slot machines so you can win them every time. The RNG picks random combinations of symbols on the reels, and the chance of RNG choosing the winning combinations multiple consecutive times is so low that it’s really just negligible. Also, the RNG’s chance of picking the perfect combination every time a certain person plays is negligible!

What slot machines payout the most often?

The machines that pay most often are low volatility machines. Of course, these machines pay less than high volatility ones. It’s easy to find out which slots are high volatility machines and which are low volatility ones. Many great gambling websites have databases with such info about all their popular games.

How many lines should I play on a slot machine?

It depends on the slot you’re playing! Some slots feature many paylines, while some feature a small number. Some games are crammed with additional bonuses that can be found on many of the paylines, while some are actually pretty stingy in this department!

So if there’s a good reason for you to bet on many paylines, do it! Anyway, putting small amounts of coins on all paylines is generally considered to be a good strategy.

Are the slot machines rigged?

No, they aren’t. Why? Because game providers and casinos don’t have any reason to rig

the games. Casinos and gaming companies already earn a lot through slots as it is. They don’t need to risk their business by doing something illegal. All casinos have a certain, secure profit through house edge. Now, on the other hand, if the casinos were indeed to rig the slots, they would have to pay some pretty huge fines — so it’s just not worth the risk at all!

However, even the small number of casinos that have actually risked trying rig some games eventually ended up hurting their reputation and profits so much that they cleaned up their act pretty soon.

Also, many gambling commissions are constantly monitoring the slots’ fairness, so even if someone did decide to rig them, the games could only be unfair for a pretty short period of time. Ultimately, those casinos who attempt to get away with any shady behaviors end up getting caught pretty fast and easily, and they run the risk of ruining their business.

How do you know if a slot machine is loose?

You can’t because it’s actually impossible for individual slot machines to be “loose.” Slot machines all feature a precise paytable and RTP rates, and every slot machine pays out consistently according to these formulas.

So before you even begin to play a certain slot, you can already have a look at its RTP and paytable. So slot machine payouts do follow certain constant principles, and they never “step outside” these.

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